Setup and Installation

Its a piece of cake!  Simply use the adapter provided in the box to connect your Booti to the water supply that fills your toilet tank. The included hose will connect the adapter to your Booti. There is no electrical connection, it's pressure based, just turn the knob and water will come out like just where it's intended. Only 10 minutes to install.

  1. Remove the seat
  2. Connect Booti to water supply
  3. Replace seat
  4. Use knob to spray

Where can I find the installation instructions?

The instructions will be in the box

Do I require electricity?

Nope, just a poopin human to turn a knob

What if I move?

Once hooked you won't live with a crappy bum again. Just remove, it only 10 minutes

Can Booti be installed on all toilets?

Currently we are selling to USA, Canada and the Land of Oz

What is required for the hot water installation?

Your toilet needs to be next to your basin